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SC- Telephonic Hearnings

09:00 AM 20-002492 Alta Vista Builders Inc vs. Township Of Mundy
09:30 AM 20-002687 Alta Vista Builders Inc vs. Township Of Mundy
10:00 AM 20-002520 American Tower Corp site 274927 vs. Township Of Superior
10:30 AM 20-002494 Central States Tower III (SBA Towers X LLC) Site MI 22442 vs. City Of Hancock
11:00 AM 20-002502 Barry Fay vs. Township Of Portage
11:30 AM 20-002535 Spectrasite Comm Inc (American Tower Corp) site 305330 vs. Township Of Wheatland
01:00 PM 20-001081 Mound Fuel LLC vs City of Warren
01:30 PM 20-002354 Barbara V. Smith Trust No. 1, U/A/D 3/9/00 vs. City Of Traverse City
02:00 PM 20-002308 William L Carlson vs. Township Of Pickford
02:30 PM 20-000770 Virginia M Wojnaroski (Trustee) vs. County Of Chippewa
03:00 PM 20-000506 Carmody Trust vs. Township Of Torch Lake
03:30 PM    
04:00 PM 20-002474 Denise A Johnson vs. City Of Flint