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SC- Telephonic Hearings

08:30 AM 20-003211 Tom McCann Family LLC vs. Township Of Homer
09:00 AM 20-003303 F. Oliver Nicklin, Jr. as & Katherine Nicklin as Trustee of the Katherine Nicklin Qualified Personal vs. Township Of Covert
09:30 AM 20-004172 Christopher Davey vs. Township Of Covert
10:00 AM 20-004173 Kristin Pitcairn vs. Township Of Covert
10:30 AM 20-003318 Lon & Barbara Pschigoda vs. Township Of Porter
11:00 AM 20-003353 Edward Perry vs. Township Of Mills
11:30 AM 20-003882 Keena Jedlowski vs. City Of South Haven
01:00 PM 20-003983 Harold Schuitmaker vs. City Of South Haven
01:30 PM 20-004147 Todd & Kelly Munting vs. Township Of Antwerp
02:00 PM 20-004248 Joel A Thornsberry vs. Township Of Fork
02:30 PM 20-004419 Donald J Smith vs. Township Of Ingersoll
03:00 PM 20-004700 Lonna M O'Neil vs. City Of Big Rapids
03:30 PM 20-003889 EVCAMDA, LLC vs. Township Of Keeler
04:00 PM 20-003896 REV 175-035-10, LLC vs. Township Of Keeler