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SC- Telephonic Hearings

08:30 AM 20-000913 Kathleen C Kaminsky vs. Township Of Portage
09:30 AM 20-003273 Scott Maaser  vs. City Of Reed City
10:30 AM 20-002854 Corrie & Ryan A Mervyn vs. Michigan Department of Treasury
11:30 AM 20-003193 Richard R Roberts vs. Township Of Leland
01:00 PM 20-003493 Patricia Bell-Blondeau vs. City Of Marquette
02:00 PM 20-004222 Donald R Holzhausen vs. Township Of Seney
03:00 PM 20-004285 Timothy & Jennie Hoffman vs. Township Of Moran
04:00 PM 20-004484 Lucy S Hlywa vs. County Of Schoolcraft