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SC- Telephonic Hearings

08:30 AM 21-001053 Panera, LLC vs. Township Of Canton
09:00 AM 21-001119 Walgreen Co vs. City Of Wyandotte
09:30 AM 20-004048 Infinite Holding Group vs. City of Detroit
10:00 AM 21-000889 Ascend Global, LLC vs. City Of Romulus
10:30 AM 21-001107 Ghannam Investments, LLC vs. City Of Taylor
11:00 AM 21-001039 A&A Plaza LLC vs. City Of Harper Woods
11:30 AM 21-001425 Abro Venture LLC vs. City of Detroit
01:00 PM 21-002411 Kader A Abdul vs. City Of Melvindale
01:30 PM 21-000754 HP Snap Downriver, LLC vs. City Of Lincoln Park
02:00 PM 20-000182 Andre F Holt vs. City of Detroit
02:30 PM 21-000517 Michael Haberkorn vs. City Of Grosse Pte. Park
03:00 PM 21-001345 Bryan C Ramberger vs. City Of Grosse Pte. Shores
03:30 PM 21-001156 Adnan Ibrahim Shuayto vs. City Of Dearborn
04:00 PM 21-000870 Jehan Saleh vs. City Of Dearborn