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Third Quarter Decisions 2008

This is a list of decisions issued by the Tribunal from July 1, 2008 to September 30, 2008. The actual Opinions may be viewed by clicking on the docket number. The decisions are PDF files and to view them you will need to download a copy of Adobe Reader if you do not already have Adobe Reader on your system.

Docket # Case Name Issue Date
Jilbert Dairy, Inc. v City of Marquette
(Interim Opinion and Judgment entered 11/2/07)
317902 Cedar Developments v Parma Twp 07/30/08
328982 Kevin Leverett v Watertown Twp 08/01/08
318823 Alvin Woolsey v Casco Twp 08/14/08
322538 Midwest Creative Investments, LLC v C of Dearborn 08/25/08
326504 Larry and Alice Smith v Sanilac Twp 08/25/08
339849 Scotty's Liquor Shoppe v Treasury 08/29/08
312504 Eagle Land Development Co v Treasury 09/10/08
329900 Deborah Meade v Treasury 09/10/08
345838 Deerfield Township v County of Livingston 09/11/08
320918 NM Investment Company v Leelanau Twp 09/17/08
314294 Templeton Properties, LLC v Chesterfield Twp 09/17/08
316010 Habib Habhab v City of Farmington 09/17/08