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2004 ListServe

The Tribunal's ListServe 2004 Updates
Summary of Contents
Introduction to Tribunal's ListServe; Elimination of Video Recording; Elimination of Hearing General Call; Recent Decisions; Expanded Website
Survey Release; Order in Dow Corning, Dkt No. 237925, 247608; Order in Occidental Dev, Dkt No. 292745, re: discovery practice; Bureau of Hearings ALJ assistance
Small Claims hearing sites on web; Docket Cards online
Meetings with Southeastern Michigan Assessors Assoc and Michigan Assoc of Certified Public Accountants; Fillable Small Claims forms online; move to Ottawa Building; Revision of Tribunal Rules; Five new Tribunal Notices
June 30 deadline for valuation appeals; Facsimile filing of appeals unacceptable
Rewrite of Tribunal Rules; Comment site on the web page; Issuance of two Tribunal Notices re: witness and exhibit lists and adjournment of prehearing conference deadlines
New address for Tax Tribunal; Security protocol for appearances at the Tribunal
New Tribunal members, Trepeck and Lee; Decisions of interest: Consumers Energy, Dow Corning; Twentieth Century Fox; Liberty Hill Housing; Ford Motor Co.; National Conference of State Tax Judges; Tribunal member Victoria Enyart featured speaker at IAAO Seminar; Tribunal member Richard Southern honored by American Society of Appraisers
Ottawa Building security procedures; Discovery materials re: Occidental Dev, Dkt No. 292745, Notice 2004-5; Liberty Hill decision not precedential; State Tax Comm, Dkt No. 280180; Oral Argument re: MCL 205.28(1)(f); Compuware Corp, Dkt No. 304047; Status conferences re: multiplier cases and Wayne County v STC