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Law Clerk Program Qualifications

Law Students

Approximately 4-8 law students will be employed for the Law Clerk Program each semester. 

The Tribunal focuses its Law Clerk Program on students who are earning law school credit hours for their work at the Tribunal and work-study students. The Tribunal has no specific limit to the number of externs that are hired for a clerkship. However, the Tribunal does limit the number of work-study and volunteer students retained per semester.

The Tribunal places emphasis on writing skills, general tax courses, tax procedure and litigation, and constitutional law applicable to state and local taxation matters. It is also preferred that prospective clerks have completed civil procedure and evidence courses.*

Prospective law clerks must have a cumulative GPA of 2.50 or better and have completed at least one research and writing course with a grade of at least 2.50. 

First Year Law Students

The Tribunal generally does not hire 1L students; however, 1L students may be considered for a law clerk position. The availability of these positions will vary semester to semester. 

*Other criteria may be considered depending on the work the student wishes to perform at the Tribunal.