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Virtual Hearings

A video conference hearing is a full due process hearing conducted through electronic means rather than in a courtroom and is permitted by the Michigan Tax Tribunal (MTT). The MTT will be conducting video conference hearings through Microsoft Teams, which allows invited participants (i.e., attorneys, agents, witnesses, court reporter, etc.) and non-participants (i.e., the viewing public) to join a video conference proceeding using video and audio from a desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone.

The hearings are open to the public and the hearing notices, provided under the Open Meetings Act, are available on the Hearings Calendar webpage. Any member of the public wishing to attend a hearing may click on the link included in the hearing notice.

If you are scheduled to participate in a video conference hearing, please refer to the MTT Guide for Participants for the Conducting of Entire Tribunal Video Conference Hearings.