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Sexual Assault Medical Forensic Examination

Sexual Assault Medical Forensic Examination (Rape Kit)

All victims of sexual assault have a right under Michigan law to have a medical forensic examination and evidence kit collected up to five days after the assault.  

The exam includes a medical history and a general medical exam. It may include an oral, anal, and/or genital exam, depending on what happened during the assault. Any lab tests you need will be done. Any medications or pharmacy items that you need will be provided as part of the exam, including emergency contraception and testing and treatment for sexually transmitted infections.

Evidence (such as saliva, bite marks, and bodily fluids) can be collected during the exam. This is done using a “sexual assault evidence kit,” sometimes called a rape kit. A sexual assault evidence kit is a box that contains swabs, envelopes, instructions and forms. If you agree, the doctor or nurse will use the kit during the exam to collect possible DNA evidence. DNA evidence can be found in semen, saliva, hair, or blood that may be on your body or on items like clothing. This evidence may be used in the criminal investigation and prosecution.

You can stop, pause, or skip a step at any time during the exam.

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