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Michigan Department of Community Health
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Overview of the Division of Communicable Disease

Division Activities                                                                                 
  • Provide support and consultation to local health departments and other health care professionals 

  • Collect and analyze data on communicable diseases and share with the health care community 

  • Develop programs and strategies to control communicable diseases 

  • Engage in special studies related to the control of communicable diseases 

  • Provide liaison with CDC on issues related to communicable diseases 

Contact Information for Division Staff 

  Surveillance and Infectious Disease Epidemiology Section              

  • Emergency Notification Network 

  • Enhanced surveillance for infectious and unusual diseases 

  • Michigan Disease Surveillance System 

  • Great Lakes Border Health Initiative 

  • Syndromic surveillance 

  • Surveillance for Healthcare-Associated & Resistant Pathogens 

  • Exploration of novel surveillance systems 

  • Preparedness and coordination for bioterrorism events and pandemic influenza 

  • State BT and Flu Preparedness Plans 

  • National Pharmaceutical Stockpile preparations 

  • Continuing education on biological agents 

  • Partnerships with law enforcement, emergency management and local public health in the surveillance for and response to incidents of intentional civilian exposure to infectious and hazardous agents (bioterrorism) 

  • Maintenance of the Communicable Disease Information and Resources (CD INFO) website 

  • Surveillance and control of respiratory infections, such as influenza and legionellosis 

  • Control, surveillance and education of food-borne diseases such as E.coli 0157:H7, salmonellosis, hepatitis A and viral gastroenteritis 

  • Control, surveillance and education about communicable diseases of the central nervous system such as meningitis, and encephalitis such as meningococcal disease 

  • Enhancing the capacities of local communities 

Zoonotics and Special Projects Section 

HIV, STD, Adult VH and TB Epidemiology Section                     

Other Important Division Links

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