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About Us

Communicable Disease Information and Resource Website

The purpose of the Communicable Disease Resource website is to provide a quick and convenient place for local health departments to find information about disease reporting, commonly used forms, press releases and other useful information. This website resource is designed to evolve with the needs of the user base as well as when new information becomes available for distribution, so please check it often. If there are any suggestions on how to improve the website, please feel free to contact the website administrators using the information in the Contact Us section.

Communicable Disease Division Mission Statement

The mission of the Communicable Disease Division is to ensure the health and well being of Michigan residents by using education, technology and the epidemiological process, in collaboration with local, state, federal and international partners, to promote data driven decisions, and to detect and prevent communicable diseases.

Surveillance and Infectious Disease Epidemiology Section Mission Statement

The mission of the Surveillance and Infectious Disease Epidemiology Section is to improve the surveillance, prevention and control of communicable disease in the State of Michigan. Our goals are:
  • To monitor, rapidly detect and investigate infectious disease using epidemiological methods
  • To develop and maintain multiple surveillance systems including MDSS
  • To support and collaborate with our public health and healthcare partners
  • To develop and enhance capacity to respond to issues of public health importance
  • To provide education and guidance to assist with prevention of infectious disease
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S.I.D.E. Section Organization

SIDE Organization Chart

Contact Us

By Mail:
Michigan Department of Health and Human Services - Communicable Disease Division
333 South Grand Avenue, 3rd Floor
P.O. Box 30195
Lansing, MI 48933

By Phone:
(517) 335-9030 (After Hours/Holidays)
(517) 335-8165 (Mon-Fri 8AM-5PM)

By Fax:
(517) 335-8263

Website Suggestions:
Suggestions for the website are always welcome. Please email us or contact your Regional Epidemiologist with any ideas that you might have to make this website better! Please put "CD Info Website" in the subject line of your email.