• PLEASE READ Important Staff Changes - Effective January 19, 2016, the majority of the MSHDA and MEDC Community Development staff and Downtown & Community Services staff will merge together under the Michigan Strategic Fund (MSF) in a new group called the Collaborative Community Development (CCD) team. The Collaborative Community Development (CCD) CDBG program and team information can be found at:  MEDC Community Development and Assistance

    We are pleased to announce that the Housing Initiatives Division has been created and will continue to administer the HOME, NSP, Statewide Partnership Grants, TMA Grants, TA and Predevelopment Loans and MSHDA Policy/Placemaking programs.  The staff remaining at MSHDA are:  Tracey Barnes, Odessa Carson, Renee Conklin, Karen Gagnon, Vanessa Gillespie, Gary Heidel, Jodi Mackie, Diane Miller, Tom Rico, Angela Shipp, Jess Sobel, and Tonya Young with environmental assistance from Penny Dwoinen. 



  • MSHDA Housing Grantee Tools

    Online access to policy bulletins, guidebooks, model documents, trainings, webinars and more.

  • NOFA and Grant Programs for Nonprofit Agencies and Local Units of Government

    Housing Initiatives Division is in the process of updating this page.

  • Downtown and Community Services

    Specialized assistance for downtown development.

  • Technical Assistance

    Direct one-on-one technical assistance for nonprofits, local governments and participating jurisdictions.

  • Neighborhood Stabilization Program

    HUD's Neighborhood Stabilization Program (NSP) provides targeted emergency assistance to state and local governments.

  • Contact the Housing Initiatives team

    Housing Initiatives staff contact lists and county assignments.