• The Housing Initiatives Division (HID) has been created and will continue to administer the HOME, NSP, Statewide Partnership Grants, TMA Grants, TA and Predevelopment Loans and MSHDA Policy/Placemaking programs.  The HID staff are:  Tracey Barnes, Odessa Carson, Renee Conklin, Karen Gagnon, Vanessa Gillespie, Gary Heidel, Jodi Mackie, Diane Miller, Tom Rico, Angela Shipp, Jess Sobel, and Tonya Young. 


  • MSHDA Housing Grantee Tools

    Online access to policy bulletins, guidebooks, model documents, trainings, webinars and more.

  • NOFA and Grant Programs for Nonprofit Agencies and Local Units of Government
  • Technical Assistance / Neighborhoods

    Direct one-on-one technical assistance for nonprofits, local governments and participating jurisdictions.

  • Neighborhood Stabilization Program

    HUD's Neighborhood Stabilization Program (NSP) provides targeted emergency assistance to state and local governments.

  • Contact the Housing Initiatives team

    Housing Initiatives staff contact lists and county assignments.