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Housing Grantee Tools

The MSHDA Housing Grantee Tools section will assist  Nonprofits and Local Units of Governments grantees by providing on-line access to policy bulletins, guidebooks, model documents, trainings, webinars and more.

Housing Initiatives Program

NHID Supplemental Audit Guide

Administrative and Project Costs Policy | Chart

Asbestos Policy

Household Eligibility Policy

Homeowner Assistance Quickfinder

Homeowner Certification Form

Underwriting for Homeowner Projects

Homeowner Rehab Standards

Required Documents Checklist

Certification of After Rehab Value 

Subsidy Limits and Lien Requirements

Life Estate Responsibility Form (If Applicable)

Land Sales Contract Subordination Agreement Form (If Applicable)

Claim For Temporary Relocation

Temporary Relocation Policy

Underwriting For Homebuyer Projects

Underwriting For Homebuyer Projects Attachment A Homebuyer Certification

Underwriting For Homebuyer Projects Attachment B Homebuyer First Mortgage Requirements

Underwriting For Homebuyer Projects Attachment C Homebuyer Costs & Other Fees

Developer Fee


Payoff Statement/Lien Release Request


10.06.15  INDEX


10.2016  Analysis of Impediments
09.01.15   Davis-Bacon
09.01.15   A. Davis-Bacon Assessment
09.19.14   Environmental Review
09.01.15   Fair Housing
06.01.15   Income - Homebuyer
06.01.15   Income - Homeowner and Rental
09.01.15   Relocation
10.19.11   Section 3


09.01.15   Amendments
09.01.15   Asbestos
09.01.15   Complaint Procedure
09.01.15     A. Client Complaint Procedure Flowchart
09.01.15   Confidentiality
09.01.15   Conflict of Interest
09.01.15   Contractor Requirements
09.15.15     A. Minority Owned Business Directory
09.15.15     B. Women Owned Business Directory
10.18.16   Developer Fee
09.01.15   Financial Status Reports
09.01.15   Homeowner Labor
10.17.16   Household Eligibility
09.01.15   Lead Based Paint
09.01.15   Procurement
09.01.15     A. Contract Provisions
09.01.15   Program Income
09.01.15     A. OPAL PI Instructions
09.01.15   Property Requirements
09.01.15   Rehabilitation Improvements
10.18.16   Administrative and Project Costs
10.18.16     A. Administrative and Project Costs Chart
10.18.15   Subsidy Limits and Lien Requirements
10.18.16     A. Land Contract Subordination Agreement
10.18.16    B. Life Estate Responsibility Form
10.18.16   Underwriting for Homebuyer Projects
10.18.16     A. Homebuyer Certification
10.18.16     B. CDD Homebuyer First Mortgage Requirements
10.18.16    C. CDD Homebuyer Closing Costs and Other Fees
10.18.16   Underwriting for Homeowner Projects
10.18.16     A. Homeowner Rehab Standards


09.01.15   Acronyms
04.28.05   Blueprint Library
06.01.15   County Income Limits
                 Freedom of Information Act - consult with your legal counsel
09.11.12   HOME Max per unit Subsidy
10.18.16   Homeowner Rehabilitation HOME/CDBG Comparison
10.18.16   Required Document Checklists
upcoming  Trainings and Webinars - Regonline
04.13.15   Value Limits
09.01.15   Value Limits, Cert of After-Rehab Value