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Neighborhood Enhancement

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Neighborhood Enhancement


The Neighborhood Enhancement Program's (NEP)  primary goals are to identify and fund innovative activities to address a neighborhood's specific needs; assist and then showcase Michigan neighborhood(s) where people are engaged and facilitating change; and to provide funding to facilitate and implement activities.

The Neighborhood Enhancement Program (NEP) can financially assist high-impact, innovative, neighborhood housing-oriented activities that benefit low and moderate income areas and residents. All components are designed to fund tangible housing-oriented activities that are: implementation ready; highly visible; impactful to the neighborhood and resident's qualify of life; holistically/community focused; and where there is buy-in and demonstrated support within the neighborhood and community. 

Resources for Applying

NEP Round 9 Question and Answer regarding application submission 
NEP Round 9 Sample Application Questions 
NEP Round 9 Submission Guidance 
NEP Low/mod Eligibility Form 
IGX Grants System Manual
System Access Guidance
NEP Application Video
NEP in Your Community

Who Can Apply?

Nonprofit 501(c)3 Agencies and Local Units of Government that receive a combined total of less than $500,000 in annual CDBG/HOME allocations. YOU MUST HAVE IGX SYSTEM ACCESS PRIOR TO APPLYING.

NEP Documents

NEP Neighborhood Policy & Compliance Handbook (Round 9) 
2021 Contractors by Region
2021 Lead Inspectors
Steps to Lead-Safe RRP Brochure (March 2021)
Neighborhood Policy & Compliance Handbook (Round 8)
Training Manual/System User's Guide
NEP Grantee Press Release Template (June 2020) 
NEP Grantee Suggested Social Media Posts (June 2020) 
EPA Lead Based Paint Program Q & A (March 2018) 
NEP IGX System Guide-Grantees 
NEP Policy and Compliance Handbook (Round 7)


Partial Payment Tracker
Pre-Approval Request Form
Household Income Self Certification Form
Tenant Household Income Self Certification Form
Landlord Written Participation & Certification Agreement
Homeowner Certification - Lien only
Homeowner Mortgage
Homeowner Note
Program Administration Report
Approval and Request for Contractor Payment
Household Participation Engagement Survey
Grantee Participation Engagement Survey
Final Outcome Report
Rental Mortgage
Rental Note


NEP Activities-IGX  
System Access-IGX
Annual Profile Review-IGX