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What is the MI Neighborhood Program?

MI Neighborhood is a blend of $60 million in funding in response to regional action plans strategic alignment with the Statewide Housing Plan. This new application streamlines access to three main housing activity components: rehabilitation, new unit, and/or public amenities.  Refer to the program overview in the section below for additional details.

MI NEIGHBORHOOD APPLICATION - review the following PRIOR to applying:
1.  Program Overview
2. Ten Steps-Grant Process Summary
3. Application Instructions to ensure all content requirements are met

Application Reference Materials - review the following PRIOR to applying:
Regional Housing Partnership (RHP) Action Plans on Statewide Housing Plan webpage
County and Township Data Supporting New Unit Creation 
State of Michigan Housing Data Portal
Statewide Data Supporting Housing Activity Need


 apply now  

IMPORTANT!  Read login instructions before accessing application portal.
NOTE:  IGX times out every 15 minutes, be sure to SAVE often on each screen.
If you get "Are you still here?" pop-up, click Yes and then SAVE.

A.  If you are an existing IGX user:
1.  Use existing username and password to access dashboard.
2.  Select "My Opportunities – NHID MI Neighborhood Application."
3.  Select "Proceed" to load the application.
4.  See "Application Instructions."
B.  If you do not have existing IGX login:
1.  Select "MI Neighborhood Application System Request."  (Tip:  Do not select "New User" or there will be a delay in accessing system.)
2.  Complete the "MI Neighborhood Application Access Request" registration form.
3.  Select "Save and Proceed."
4.  Receipt of system email with username should occur in real time with no delay.
5.  Login with username and password
6.  Select "My Opportunity – NHID MI Neighborhood Application."
7.  Select "Proceed" which will load the application.
8.  See "Application Instructions."


The second Q & A virtual meeting is Thursday, May 23, 2:30-4:00 pm ET to answer questions. 
Join meeting, Meeting ID: 240 335 630 749, Passcode: ys4UG8
Dial in by phone, +1 248-509-0316,,54267227#, ID: 542 672 27#

The Frequently Asked Questions document provides further information about the MI Neighborhood Program.


Applications are due by 5 p.m. ET on the last date of the round and will be batched as a group for scoring purposes.  Any applications received after that time, will be included in the next funding round.

Window 1   4/01 – 4/15     Reservation Memos Distributed on 5/16
Window 2   4/16 – 5/01     Reservation Memos Distributed on 5/31
Window 3   5/02 – 5/15     Reservation Memos Distributed on 6/10
Window 4   5/16 – 5/31     Reservation Memos Distributed on 7/02
Window 5   6/01 – 6/15     Reservation Memos Distributed on 7/15
Window 6   6/15 – 7/01     Reservation Memos Distributed on 7/31

On the first Monday of each month, beginning June 2024, reserved amounts and the remaining balance for each region will be posted.

Reference Materials

Timeliness Benchmarks

Income Limits, eff 05.01.24
Rent Limits, eff 04.01.24
Utility Schedules, eff 01.01.24

MSHDA LDHA Instructions for LLC and LP
MSHDA LDHA Provisions for LLC
MSHDA LDHA Provisions for LP

Construction Timeline
New Unit Proforma
New Unit Sworn Statement Part 1
New Unit Trade Breakdown and Sworn Statement Part 2
Residential Housing Rehabilitation Standards


For program-specific questions, email
For IGX access or login issues, email

Regional Investment Strategy