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Michael's Dream!


When my son Michael was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy, I asked for strength. I received it in all the love and support my family was given.

When I didn't know where to turn, I asked for guidance. I received it through random people I spoke to; therapists, doctors, and family members that would research everything they could for me.

 (CSHCS), who helped me when my insurance didn't provide for my son's needs. Children's Special Health Care Services When I needed financial support, I asked for wisdom. I received it from my mechanic who told me about 

They were able to purchase a bike for Michael and now he can ride like other children.  He can enjoy just being a kid with all his friends and he no longer views being outside as a prison where he just gets to sit and watch. When I needed a bike for my son, I asked for a miracle. I received one through the Children with Special Needs Fund.

Without their help and support my son's dream of being able to enjoy being a kid would not be a reality. I am truly grateful to this wonderful organization.


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