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Governor, Legislature deliver results for Michigan in first three months

March 31, 2011

Contact: Sara Wurfel
(517) 335-6397  

LANSING, Mich. - Substantial reforms enacted in the first three months of this year are laying the foundation for a stronger Michigan, Gov. Rick Snyder, Lt. Gov. Brian Calley, Senate Majority Leader Randy Richardville and House Speaker Jase Bolger said today.

The Legislature and governor are moving swiftly to get Michigan back on track after years of budget deficits and a lagging economy.  Lawmakers already have presented the governor with 16 bills for signature since January.  The bills, many of which the governor called for in his State of the State address, will grow Michigan’s economy, protect the environment and help cities and schools stay financially sound.

“We’re putting Michigan on the path to prosperity through cooperation and relentless positive action,” Snyder said.  “Lt. Gov. Brian Calley and I are pleased with the progress that has been made in such a short time.  Senate Majority Leader Richardville, Speaker Bolger and their respective chambers are demonstrating their commitment to advancing our shared agenda of job creation, fiscal integrity and an enhanced quality of life for Michigan.  While there’s still much to be done, our fast and productive start to 2011 lays the groundwork for continued success.  The people of this state expect and deserve nothing less.”

“The Senate has done more to support the business community and spur job growth in these first three months than has been accomplished over the past several years,” said Richardville, R- Monroe. “We have proven that we have the courage and tenacity to tackle major issues. The Senate looks forward to continuing to work with the Administration and our colleagues in the House to pursue a bold agenda to reform and revitalize Michigan.”

“The voters spoke loud and clear in November when they sent new leadership to Lansing and demanded that we get something positive accomplished for Michigan. I think we are well on our way to delivering the results they sought,” said Bolger, R-Marshall. “It’s encouraging that Gov. Snyder, Sen. Richardville and I have established a good working relationship. We are often on the same page and when we aren’t, we quickly find ways to work out our differences. That is important because I expect voters to continue demanding results, as well they should.”

Bills signed by the governor to date are:

  • Senate Bill 122 (Public Act 1) and House Bill 4212 (PA 2) - Michigan Agriculture Environmental Assurance Program
  • H.B. 4160 (PA 3) - Pure Michigan
  • H.B. 4214 (PA 4), 4216 (PA 5), 4217 (PA 6) and 4218 (PA 7) and S.B. 157 (PA 8) and 158 (PA 9) - emergency management of local governments
  • S.B. 20 (PA 10) - ergonomic standards
  • S.B 22 (PA 11) and 23 (PA 12) - personal property trust perpetuities
  • S.B. 149 (PA 13) - billboard permits
  • H.B. 4408 (PA 14) - employment security
  • H.B. 4158 (PA 15) - consumer item pricing
  • S.B. 140 (PA 16) - Michigan Natural Resources Trust Fund

In addition to the legislation, the governor has proposed several reforms to strengthen communities and encourage regional cooperation in his March 21 special message to the Legislature.

Visit for more information on the governor’s office and for information on the Senate and House.