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School Resources

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School Resources

Important Materials for Schools

Register School Contacts icon is a laptop computer with the contact form on the screen

Register School Contacts

All schools, public and private, must register at least one school official’s emergency after-hours contact information biannually.  This helps facilitate effective school personnel communication.
Fill Out Form To Register School Contacts
Outcome Reports - charts and check marks on 3 pieces of paper

Outcome Report

To close a tip, school personnel and law enforcement are asked to complete an Outcome Report indicating how the tip was handled and the program’s effectiveness.
Fill Out Outcome Report
Schedule an OK2SAY presentation

Schedule a Presentation

We offer customized age-appropriate programming designed to protect children throughout the state.  Presentations may be in-person or online depending upon the availability of the team. 

Schedule a presentation

How Can Schools Participate in OK2SAY?

OK2SAY is available statewide for public and nonpublic schools in Michigan. To help create awareness about this important student safety program, schools are encouraged to: 

  1. Register/update the school officials' emergency after-hours contact information twice yearly.
  2. Schedule a free student safety presentation for the school.
  3. Order free promotional materials from OK2SAY. These can be displayed in high-traffic areas, with counselors having access to contact cards if necessary.
  4. Place the OK2SAY logo on your school’s website to promote the program and state that your school is serious about school safety. 
  5. Download the free OK2SAY app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store or save a shortcut to the website on school computers.
  6. Display OK2SAY contact details on student IDs, handbooks, and planners.
  7. Promote OK2SAY through both indoor and outdoor digital signage.
  8. Include information about OK2SAY in communication with parents.
  9. Complete an Outcome Report for every school tip received.

Digital Promotional Materials

Promote the Michigan Student Safety Initiative by adding OK2SAY promotional digital media assets to your website, virtual classrooms, hallway digital signage, or print our other promotional materials to help keep your school informed about OK2SAY.

Download Promotional Materials

Teacher/Counselor Resources

Students who do not feel safe at school have a harder time reaching their academic potential. OK2SAY is available to support your efforts by providing activities and ideas to help bring positive change. Consider having your students take the pledge and use OK2SAY to bring kindness, inclusion, and awareness activities into your school.

Additional Teacher/Counselor Resources

Here are some questions to help you spark thoughtful discussion after an OK2SAY presentation:




Teacher Counselor Resources

Suicide Prevention - Holding On To Life

When a person is in crisis, family members may have many questions. This toolkit is designed to provide some answers. While no one can guarantee someone else's safety, this information may help you feel more confident and better prepared to give the care and attention your loved one needs through this challenging time.

The toolkit is designed for the family member of a person 15-24 years of age who is experiencing a difficult time in his/her life. If your loved one is a different age, you will likely still find this information helpful.



Let's Learn

Let's face it, some things are hard to talk about. We’re here to help.  Below are links to some information about some of those not-so-fun, but oh-so-important topics that kids and teens have to confront every day. These resources are here to keep you safe and provide you with ways to get help for yourself, a friend, or another who might be struggling. 


Anxiety, Stress, and Depression Bullying
Child Abuse Cyberbullying
Dating Violence Online Safety
Preventing School Violence Self-Harm
Sexting and Sextortion Substance Use Disorder
Suicide Tobacco Products
Eating Disorders

Ways to Get Help

A variety of local, state, and national resources and services are available to support individuals, teens, and children facing a wide range of challenges. Explore these options to find help for yourself or a friend in need.
Learn more about "Ways to Get Help"