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SIGMA VSS: Doing business with the State


    The State of Michigan implemented SIGMA to improve budgeting processes, accounting activities, payments, receiving bids, and providing grant opportunities. SIGMA Vendor Self-Service (VSS) improves working with vendors, payees and grantees.

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About Sigma VSS

  • About SIGMA

    Not Registered?
    You can register in SIGMA VSS to receive payments and respond to business opportunities.

    Currently Registered?
    You will need to claim your account to respond to opportunities, see financial transactions, or update your address and personal information. 

    Need More Information?
    Use the Quick Reference Guides or Vendor Tutorials below to assist with claiming your VSS account, registering as a new vendor, or seeing your payments.

    Use the SIGMA VSS home page to find even more helpful information by clicking the link below.


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HFA and AFC registration in SIGMA for Testing Requirement Reimbursements

HFA and AFC Testing Requirement Reimbursements

  • Homes for the aged (HFA), larger adult foster care facilities (AFC), and skilled nursing facilities serving 13 or more individuals may receive financial support for testing of residents and staff through orders issued by the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS). HFAs and AFCs meeting the requirements must register in SIGMA as a vendor to receive reimbursements. DHHS will use SIGMA to process payments to eligible HFAs and AFCs.

    Vendors needing to register should review the tutorial titled SIGMA VSS Register New Account Registration for Grants, and link to the SIGMA VSS website to begin the process.

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  • SIGMA Support

    A Vendor Support Call Center is available to assist by calling 517-284-0550 or toll free at 888-734-9749 or emailing SIGMA-Vendor@michigan.gov


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