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SIGMA: Statewide Integrated Governmental Management Applications

SIGMA standardizes statewide budgeting processes, accounting activities, payment processing, bids and grant opportunities. Depending on your relationship with the state, you will access SIGMA in one of two ways:



SIGMA Vendor Self-Service (VSS) allows access for businesses, payees, and grantees (collectively referred to as vendors). 


SIGMA MiLogin is for state employees, as well as local units of government and higher education institutions posting RFPs. 
Who Uses Vendors


Use SIGMA VSS if you represent a business that wants to bid on State contracts
(e.g., small business, corporation, healthcare providers, etc.).
Who Uses Individuals


Use SIGMA VSS if you're an individual payee and would like to track payments from the State
(e.g., sole proprietors, Medicaid recipient, foster care family, etc.).
Who Uses Grantees


Use SIGMA VSS if you have received a grant award from the State and would like to view payment information
(e.g., childcare facility, restaurant, school, etc.).
Who Uses SIGMA


Use SIGMA MiLogin if you represent a Local Entity and would like to manage RFPs and the procurement process
(e.g., local municipality, community college/university, etc).