European Frogbit

European Frogbit

(Hydrocharis morsus-ranae)
*Established in Michigan*

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  • Single white flower with 3 round petals and a yellow center
  • Free floating or sometimes rooted in shallow water
  • Leaves are kidney-shaped to heart-shaped with a purple-red underside
  • Leaves form a rosette

frogbit invasion
Michigan DNR - European frogbit is often found amongst cattails

european frogbit with flowers
Michigan DNR - European frogbit has small, white, 3-petalled flowers

frogbit removal
Michigan DNR - European frogbit removal

frogbit leaf size
Michigan DNR - note the small leaf size

Habitat: Habitat includes slow moving rivers, sheltered inlets, ponds, and ditches. Preference is given to waters rich in calcium with no wave action.

Native Range: Europe, Asia, Africa

U.S. Distribution: European frog-bit is established in Washington and has been recorded in New York, Vermont, and Michigan.

Local Concern: Mats of European frog-bit can grow so thick that they impede boat traffic and movement of large fish and diving ducks.  Large mats prevent nutrients and light from reaching submerged vegetation. When the mats die off in the fall, the resulting decrease in oxygen can cause fish and other organisms to die.


European Frog-bit Invasive Species Alert - Printable PDF

Status and Strategy for European Frogbit Management This document provides in-depth information about European Frogbit in the State of Michigan including identification, distribution, management, and control options.

MDARD Weed Risk Assessment for European Frogbit (Hydrocharis morsus-ranae) - This document evaluates the invasive potential of the plant species using information based on establishment, spread and potential to cause harm.