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Invasive Species: Contacts

Invasive Species Contacts

For general inquiries, or if none of the above contacts fit with your question, please call the Department of Environment, Great Lakes, and Energy's (EGLE) Environmental Assistance Center at 1-800-662-9278.


  • For questions about invasive carp identification, status in Michigan, Michigan's Invasive Carp Management Plan, other fish (e.g. snakehead) and aquatic animals (e.g. invasive crayfish), please contact:

    Lucas Nathan - DNR Fisheries Division 517-599-9323

    Find more information on invasive carp at 

  • For questions on:

    • Chemical control of aquatic species, permitting, and submerged plant identification, please contact: 
      Aquatic Nuisance Control Program staff, EGLE - Water Resources Division
    • Mowing and other forms of mechanical control, permitting, and Great Lakes Shoreline management, please contact:
      Eric Calabro, EGLE - Water Resources Division, or visit
    • Identification and control of invasive phragmites, please contact:
      Kevin Walters, EGLE Water Resources
    • Watch list species reporting - Brazilian elodea, European frog-bit, European water clover, hydrilla, parrot feather, water chestnut, water hyacinth, water lettuce, water soldier, and yellow floating heart, please contact:
      EGLE Aquatic Invasive Plant Program.
  • For questions about education programs and outreach materials related to AIS, please contact:

    Kevin Walters, EGLE - Water Resources Division

  • For questions on overall aquatic invasive species program and Michigan’s Aquatic Invasive Species State Management Plan, please contact:

    Sarah LeSage, AIS Program Coordinator EGLE - Water Resources Division

  • For questions on:

    • Michigan’s ballast water program and Michigan’s Section 401 certification, please contact:
      Sarah LeSage, EGLE - Water Resources Division
    • Michigan’s state ballast water permit and application, please contact:
      Matt Mulford, EGLE - Water Resources Division or visit Ballast water
  • For general invasive species media inquiries and communications-related matters, please contact:

    Joanne Foreman, DNR, EGLE and DARD Invasive Species Program Communications Coordinator, 517-284-5814

  • To report invasive species law/regulation violations, please call the DNR Report all Poaching (RAP) Line at 1-800-292-7800.  For questions, please contact:

    Corporal Jon Busken or Corporal Chris Lynch, DNR - Law Enforcement Division

  • For questions about:

  • For questions about:

    • Michigan’s NREPA Part 413 Prohibited and Restricted species law, other regulations, species identification, and permits as they pertain to plants and insects, please contact:
      Susannah Iott, MDARD - Pesticide and Plant Pest Management Division 517-420-0473
    • Michigan’s NREPA Part 413 Prohibited and Restricted species law, other regulations, species identification, and permits as they pertain to all species besides plants and insects, please contact:
      Lucas Nathan, DNR - Fisheries Division 517-599-9323

  • For general questions about MISGP, grant requirements, application process, etc., please contact:

    Erin Campbell, DNR – Finance & Operations 517-284-5957

  • For questions about invasive species and associated issues in state parks and at state administered boat launches, pelase contact:

    Christina Baugher, DNR – Parks & Recreation Division 517-284-5835

  • For questions about:

    • Identification, management and control of terrestrial invasive plants and Michigan's Terrestrial Invasive Species Management Plan, please contact: Katie Grzesiak, DNR Terrestrial Invasive Species Coordinator
    • Identification, management and control of terrestrial invasive mammals and birds, please contact: Ryan Wheeler, DNR Wildlife Division
    • Permitting for mechanical control of invasive plants in a Critical Dune Area, please contact: Kate Lederle, EGLE Water Resources 517-290-2757 or visit