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Invasive Species: Identify and Report

If you suspect you have found an invasive species, use these profiles to check the identification and find the appropriate way to report it. Invasive species of greatest concern in Michigan are on the "Watch List." Several species are prohibited or restricted in Michigan.

When and how to report invasive species:

Watch list species

If you encounter any of the species on Michigan’s Watch List, please report them as soon as possible using the instructions on that species' profile. Watch List species either have never been confirmed in the wild in Michigan or have very limited known distribution. Early detection and timely reporting of these species is crucial for increasing the chances of preventing establishment and limiting potential ecological, social and economic impacts.

Michigan Watch List Aquatic Invasive Plants: A Guide for Identification - printable PDF

2020 Early Detection and Response Efforts for Aquatic Invasive Plants - printable PDF

Non-watch list species

Non-Watch List species should be reported using the Midwest Invasive Species Information Network (MISIN) online reporting tool or the MISIN smartphone app. Alternately, these species can be reported to the Cooperative Invasive Species Management Area for your region or your local conservation district.

Property owners may elect to control these species on their own property using best management practices.