Wels Catfish

Wels Catfish

(Silurus glanis)
*Not detected in Michigan*

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  • Can grow up to 10 ft. long and live up to 80 years
  • Very large mouth with 3 pairs of barbels – 1 pair on upper jaw, 2 on lower jaw
  • Brown back and sides with a nearly white belly

wels catfish
Lucas Van Der Geest

Habitat: Generally inhabit lowland rivers, backwaters, and well-vegetated lakes, but will occasionally enter brackish water in the Black and Baltic Seas

Diet: Nocturnal predators, forage for fish and other vertebrates as adults. Juveniles are benthic feeders, preying on a variety of fish and invertebrates

Native Range: Central and Eastern Europe

Local Concern: Voracious predatory habits make the wels catfish a serious threat to populations of native vertebrates. Water quality may also be reduced through drastic trophic alterations.

Potential Means of Introduction: Aquaculture release, illegal stocking


Wels Catfish Invasive Species Alert (printable PDF)