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Invasive Species: Ide


(Leuciscus idus)
*Not detected in Michigan*


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  • Can reach 102 cm in length
  • Chunky bodied fish with back and belly distinctly arched
  • Small, bluntly pointed head and definitively forked caudal fin
  • Silver morph: greyish-olive back, silver-white sides and belly, reddish pelvic and anal fins
  • Golden morph: bright orange back, silvery-orange sides and belly, bright orange dorsal and caudal fins

Photo courtesy of Gosta Sundman.

Golden Morph Ide

Silver morph Ide

Habitat: Ide inhabit clean, clear pools of medium to large ponds, lakes, and rivers. This species can tolerate higher levels of salinity than any other fish species in its family.

Diet: Diet typically consists of larval and adult insects, snails, and other invertebrates. Large individuals may also consume small fish.

Native Range: Across Europe from Scandinavia to Siberia.

Local Concern: Due to this species’ tolerance to a range of habitats, it is believed that this fish has the potential to become more of a problem than common carp if established.

Potential means of Introduction: Aquarium release, aquaculture.

Other Common Names: orfe, silver orfe, golden orfe, golden ide.

Ide Invasive Species Alert (printable PDF)