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Invasive Species: Brown Garden Snail

Brown Garden Snail

(Cantareus aspersa)
*Not established in Michigan*


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  • Brown body.
  • Shell tends to be brown, tan, and yellow with swirls, bands, and flecks.
  • Shell can grow up to 1.25 inches in diameter.
  • Leave a silvery slime trail.

brown garden snail
Photo courtesy of Robin Rosetta.

brown garden snail
Photo courtesy of Phil Bendle.

Habitat: Brown garden snails are terrestrial gastropods that prefer undisturbed habitats. Adequate moisture and a good food supply are important habitat requirements. Preference is given to orchards with loamy soils that are well shaded by tree canopy.

Diet: Snails are omnivorous, but their diet consists mainly of a wide variety of ornamental plants, weeds, flowers, fruits and vegetables.

Native Range: Native range includes Britain, Western Europe and along the borders of the Black and Mediterranean seas.

U.S. Distribution: The brown garden snail can be found along the west and east coasts and in most southeastern states.

Local Concern: The rasping mouthparts of the brown garden snail leave behind irregular holes and jagged edges on the leaves and fruit it consumes and eventually kills the plant.

Potential Means of Introduction: Illegal intentional importation, accidental importation with plant or vegetable shipments


Brown Garden Snail Invasive Species Alert - Printable PDF