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Invasive Species: Girdled Snail

Girdled Snail

(Hygromia cinctella)
*Not detected in Michigan*


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  • Shell is triangular or pyramid shaped.
  • Shell size is about 6-7 mm high and 10-14 mm wide.
  • Shells tend to be brown to yellow with a white band on the widest part.
  • 5-6 whorls.
  • Aperture (opening) of the shell is oval.

girdled snail
Photo courtesy of Charles Olsen, USDA APHIS PPQ,

girdled snail
Photo courtesy of Carlos Henckes, Conquiliologistas Do Brasil.

Diet: Girdled snails feed on a variety of plant materials.

Habitat: Girdled snails are often found to aggregate in large numbers in gardens and on hedges.

Native Range: Mediterranean.

Local Concern: Due to this species’ tendency to aggregate in large numbers and its herbivorous habits, girdled snails pose a threat to native plant communities.


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