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Spongy moth federal quarantine

DON’T MAKE A MOVE until you check for the spongy moth* (Lymantria dispar)

Anyone moving out of state must comply with this federal quarantine regulation.

  • People who live in the federal Lymantria dispar quarantine area — which includes the state of Michigan—must use PPQ Form 377 (Gypsy moth checklist and record of self-inspection) to inspect their outdoor household goods for spongy moth before they move to a non-infested area.
  • The Federal spongy moth regulations (Title 7 Code of Federal Regulations 301.45-4) require this action to prevent the human-assisted movement of this damaging pest of woody plants.
  • A copy of Form 377 must accompany the household goods during the move. This checklist may be completed by the person moving or by a qualified certified applicator.
  • Once completed and signed, the checklist is an official certificate that will satisfy federal requirements for interstate moves.


*A new common name for Lymantria dispar, spongy moth, replaced the prior name of this insect, gypsy moth, in 2022. This change was necessary because the word ‘gypsy’ is an ethnic slur and the former common name equated people with insects