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AIS Advisory Council

AIS Advisory Council

The Aquatic Invasive Species Advisory Council was created in 2011 through the addition of Part 414 to the Natural Resources and Environmental Protection Act, 1994 PA 451, as amended, to provide recommendations aquatic invasive species issues. The council was composed of members representing a broad spectrum of interests including regulated entities, citizen organizations, governmental agencies, academia, and citizen stakeholders.

The following sections outline the role of the council:

  • 324.41407: Recommendations on the update to the aquatic invasive species state management plan and funding to implement the plan
  • 324.41409: Prevention of introduction and spread of aquatic invasive species through trade report
  • 324.41411: Recommendations for the state's certification of USEPA's Vessel General Permit (ballast water permit)
  • 324.41412: Recommendation for Phragmites australis control

The AIS Advisory Council submitted final recommendations to the Governor and Legislature on August 21, 2013.