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Invasive Species Prevention: Hunters and Trail Users

Invasive Species Prevention

What hunters and trail users need to know

Nearly 50% of endangered or threatened species are at risk due to invasive species, which people unintentionally spread with their boots, tires, boats, firewood, pets, horses and more. By taking a few easy steps while enjoying the great outdoors, you can be part of the solution, reducing the spread of invasive species.

What you can do

  • Remove plants, seeds and mud from boots, pets, vehicles and gear before leaving a recreation or hunting site.
  • Stay on designated trails or access areas.
  • If possible, park in non-vegetated areas to avoid carrying seeds on your vehicle to new locations.
  • Clean your gear thoroughly before heading to a new site.
  • Don’t bring firewood with you, and don’t take firewood home.

Make these simple steps a part of your routine

  • Pack a boot brush or scrub brush in your vehicle so you can easily clean shoes before you move on.
  • Make it a habit to check clothes and gear before leaving a recreation area.
  • Wash your bike or ATV before the next trip.