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  • Department of Civil Rights
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    Hours: Monday - Friday,
    8:00 am - 5:00 pm ET

    Phone: 313-456-3700

    Fax: 313-456-3701


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    3054 W. Grand Boulevard, Suite 3-600

    Detroit, MI 48202


Executive Office

  • MDCR Executive Office

    The Michigan Department of Civil Rights investigates complaints of discrimination in Michigan, and works to prevent discrimination through education and outreach. MDCR enforces the Elliott-Larsen Civil Rights Act and the Persons With Disabilities Civil Rights Act.


    • Director: James E. White

Public Affairs and Admin Services

  • Public Affairs and Administrative Services

    Public Affairs and Administrative Services includes financial management, budget development and administration, procurement, telecommunications and oversight of automated systems; Communications; Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Compliance, Business and Community Affairs and Strategic Operations.

    Deputy Director: Mary Engelman

    Phone: 517-335-3165

  • Communications

    Communications colleagues respond to media requests, maintain the Department’s electronic presence (at, and on social media (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram), and collaborate with other state departments in conveying key messages. Staff write opinion pieces, speeches and reports, talking points for media events, and help develop grant applications. Communications staff are responsible for internal communications, development of marketing tools, brochures and other publications, and publicity for Commission and Departmental events.

    Vicki Levengood, Director

    Phone: 517-335-3165

  • ADA Office

    The State of Michigan Office of ADA Compliance works to ensure all aspects of Michigan government are in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act and other state and federal disability-related laws.

    The office also administers the Michigan Service Animal Registry, offering individuals with disabilities who use trained service animals the opportunity to register with the state and obtain an official identification card and patch. Registration is voluntary and designed to ensure the legal right to access businesses, schools and other public accommodations.

    Kimberly Woolridge, State ADA Compliance Director

    Phone: 517-241-1217

  • Business and Community Affairs

    Staff in this unit engage with community and faith-based organizations, advocates and law enforcement agencies to address civil rights issues and build partnerships to promote voluntary compliance with civil rights laws. Staff offer guidance to human relations commissions, state and local government and business on raising awareness about discrimination, inclusion and embracing, not merely tolerating, diversity.

    Anthony Lewis, Director

    Phone: 313-456-3740

  • Strategic Operations

    MDCR offers training on a range of topics including cultural competency, disability, sexual harassment, housing discrimination, hate crimes and civil rights law. We partner with communities to examine racial and ethnic disparities and the role they play in Michigan’s economic and social environment.

    Advocates & Leaders for Police and Community Trust (ALPACT) brings together law enforcement and community leaders to build trust and facilitate communication and cooperation.

    The Michigan Alliance Against Hate Crimes (MIAAHC) works to eliminate hate crimes and bias incidents in Michigan.

    The Michigan Indian Tuition Waiver program waives tuition costs for eligible Native Americans attending Michigan’s public colleges and universities.

    Mark Bishop, Director

    Phone: 517-335-3165


Division on Deaf, DeafBlind and Hard of Hearing

  • DODDBHH Function

     The Division on Deaf, DeafBlind and Hard of Hearing serves Michigan residents who are deaf, deafblind or hard of hearing. The Division enforces the Deaf Persons Interpreters Act and the Michigan Interpreter (Administrative) Rules, and provides sign language interpreter testing and certification. It also offers information and technical assistance to entities required to provide interpreters or other communication-related accommodations. 

    Annie Urasky, Director

    VP: 313-437-7035
    Toll-Free Voice/TTY: 313-437-7035
    Fax: 313-456-3721


Equity Officer

  • Equity Officer Functions

    This individual advises, directs and works cooperatively with MDCR staff on policies and activities in the area of racial equity, as well as updates MDCR's training modules on racial equity and provides guidance to local communities engaging in racial equity initiatives.

    Alfredo Hernandez, Equity Officer
    Phone: 517-335-3165

Law and Policy

  • Law and Policy Functions

    This office provides legal guidance and strategy on issues and cases as they progress through the enforcement process. They also analyze pending legislation impacting civil rights in Michigan, write amicus briefs and draft charges, litigate cases in the administrative hearing process, and educate and train MDCR staff on relevant civil rights legal matters. The reconsideration (appeals) process is also housed in Law and Policy.

    Daniel Levy, Director
    Phone: 313-456-3809

Operations Division

  • Operations Functions

    MDCR is an administrative agency with investigative and enforcement authority. The Operations Division houses the Enforcement process, which includes intake, investigation and resolution of complaints of discrimination.

    Lori Vinson, Operations Director

    Phone: 517-335-3164