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Community Engagement

mi response to hate conference 2016

Community Engagement

The Community Engagement Division is responsible for facilitating partnerships and initiatives to advance the mission of the Department and to offer its services to Michigan residents. MDCR colleagues can then use the initiatives of the Community Relations Division to better serve customers.

Initiatives and Partnerships

  • This workshop is offered in four-hour or eight-hour sessions. The information presented enhances participants' understanding of five major cultural groups: African American, American Indian, Arab American, Asian American, and Latino American. These sessions address the complexity and challenges of various issues within a multicultural society and in the work environment. Topics covered include cultural protocols, cross-cultural communication, definition and name evolution, the impact of significant historical civil rights events, cultural characteristics, and myths and stereotypes that lead to bias and discrimination. The four-hour presentation concentrates on embracing cultural diversity in the workplace.

    Contact the Education Division to request training.

  • The CRT initiates proactive measures and acts as needed to diffuse situations of community tension and unrest, and to assure that all people enjoy equal rights under the law. To carry out its responsibility, the Department monitors incidents involving race, color, religion, sex, age, national origin, disability, and other civil rights-related matters.

    MDCR leverages its relationships established through collaboration with law enforcement agencies, community and faith-based institutions, business community representatives and advocacy agencies. MDCR will initiate proactive measures to restore the civil rights health of the community.

    Contact the Education Division to request training.

  • Advocates and Leaders for Police and Community Trust (ALPACT) is a voluntary group consisting of members of Kalamazoo County law enforcement and community, advocacy, and civil rights leaders and representatives. Learn more here.

Migrant and Seasonal Farmworkers

Reports and Updates

MDCR's history of working on migrant and seasonal farmworker issues dates back to the 1960s. We continue to partner with the state's Interagency Migrant Services Committee and several others to improve the living and working conditions of migrant and seasonal farmworkers, and their families, in Michigan. Here, you'll find some of our more recent reports.

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