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ADA Compliance

This division supports the State ADA Coordinator in carrying out the duties outlined in Executive Order 2004-31. The State ADA Coordinator is designated by the Governor and coordinates, on their behalf, to oversee executive branch compliance with state and federal disability rights laws in department and agency programs, services, and activities. Among other duties, the division is tasked with providing technical assistance to executive branch departments, facilitating the education and training of state employees on compliance, and collaborating with the Departmental ADA Coordinators on accessibility issues.

The office also administers the Michigan Service Animal Registry, offering individuals with disabilities who use trained service animals the opportunity to register with the state and obtain an official identification card and patch. Registration is voluntary and designed to ensure the legal right to access businesses, schools and other public accommodations.


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Service Animals

In compliance with MCL § 37.303, the Michigan Department of Civil Rights (MDCR) has created and provides voluntary service animal identification to qualifying applicants with disabilities and their trained service animals.

Voluntary registration through this program is free of charge and may not be required as a barrier to entry for a trained service animal or their handler. Registering an animal with MDCR does not entitle accepted applicants to any benefits other than free service animal identification in the form of a patch and ID card.

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