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CROWN: April 2021 - Communications

In March, Vicki spent a significant amount of time working with reporters either responding to specific inquiries or in proactive outreach to pitch statements or information on stories of interest. Specifically, the news media is now turning to MDCR as a go-to resource on issues of anti-Asian discrimination, and we have been featured in a number of stories on this issue in both print and broadcast media. Vicki also coordinated the media response and messaging on MDCR's involvement with Vanguard Public Affairs in the wake of the sexual harassment scandal involving company owner TJ Bucholz, with whom MDCR had contracted to produce the MCRC report, Education Equity in Michigan. In addition, Vicki consulted with department leadership and Commission Chair Clayton on the first draft of the annual report, and is now finalizing the second draft based on their recommendations and guidance. In addition to daily clips and managing MDCR's social media platforms, JJ is providing American Sign Language guidance and assistance to DPAN, for videos geared towards the Deaf community funded by a HUD communications grant. She also livestreamed the MCRC meeting in March. Jackie has been designing amazing graphics for Women's History Month, Deaf History Month, and other social media campaigns.  She also has primary responsibility for producing each edition of CROWN.