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CROWN: April 2021 - DODDBHH

Michiganders who are 16 and older with medical conditions or disabilities were deemed eligible for their first vaccine beginning March 22. Beginning April 5, all Michiganders 16 and older are eligible. DODDBHH has been working to ensure members of the D/DB/HH communities are aware of these important dates and their eligibility to get the vaccine. The Division has produced videos relaying this information in ASL and have distributed to the community through their newsletter featuring the videos and specific information on how to register for the vaccine.

The Protect Michigan Commission (PMC) Disability workgroup is working on collecting personal testimonial videos from Michiganders with disabilities (1-2 minutes long) about their experiences with getting the COVID-19 vaccine and working on scheduling a disability townhall to answer questions about the COVID-19 vaccines. If you are interested in sharing your personal story, please reach out to Annie Urasky or Mark Bishop. DODDBHH also worked with PMC on media interviews with a Black Deaf Detroiter Teddy Dorsette about his experience getting the vaccine at Ford Field in Detroit. LINK: