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CROWN: April 2021 - Michigan's Indian Tuition Waiver Model Receiving Attention Across the Country

By Melissa Kiesewetter, MDCR Tribal Liaison and Native American Specialist

"Two university systems in different states have recently reached out to MDCR for information and guidance regarding the Michigan Indian Tuition Waiver (MITW).  Both are considering implementing a similar program in order to uphold treaty obligations and to offer reparations for stolen land. The MITW is truly an amazing program and is viewed as model to others.

A work group is currently developing an index model which will identify and assess the resources, services and support available to Native/Indigenous students at Michigan's higher education institutions. It is our hope that this model will be expanded and have transferability to other student populations of color and affinity groups. The purpose of this index will be to guide and inform students when choosing their institution, to assist counselors and advisors when advising students in their college process, and to encourage institutions to reflect and assess the effectiveness and impact of their policies and services."

Thank you to Melissa Kiesewetter for this report and managing the entire MITW program in Michigan.