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Equity Office

February 2021

The Equity Office continues to be engaged in the work of educating sectors of our communities, organizations, and state agencies on the basic principles of diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI), implicit bias, and steps to increase cultural competency and/or operationalizing equity long-term. This month the Equity Office continues the Intercultural Development Inventory (IDI) work with MHSDA's Core Team, and it is currently scheduled to provide DEI implicit bias training to the City of Detroit Public Health Department. The Equity Office is working closely with the state Equity and Inclusion Officer (EIO) in the Governor's Office, and Equity and Inclusion Officers (EIO) throughout the state to improve the internal DEI structure across all state departments. On February 5, the Equity Office facilitated the first workgroup meeting of MDCR's Council for Government and Education on Equity and Inclusion with a team focusing on the recommendations in MCRC's Education Equity Report. The Equity Office is also a part of the COVID-19 Task Force on Racial Disparities at the state level.