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Division on Deaf, DeafBlind and Hard of Hearing

February 2021

On Wednesday Jan. 27, Governor Gretchen Whitmer delivered the 2021 State of the State address. The DODDBHH worked with the Governor's office to ensure the live virtual video stream was accessible. The stream had a Certified Deaf Interpreter and live captions. You can go to to access the video stream of the Governor's SOTS address.

DODDBHH has been assigned as the staff lead manager for the Disability Stakeholder Workgroup for the Protect Michigan Commission (PMC), which now has approximately 20 stakeholders. Each workgroup within PMC will evaluate current toolkit materials, offer feedback, help build communication networks, promote content and create events to share COVID-19 vaccine information, and identify keys to success in outreach efforts for Michiganders with disabilities. PMC, comprised of a diverse group of leaders from across the state, will work to ensure every Michigan resident has the most up-to-date information on the COVID-19 vaccine. Established by Executive Order 2020-193, the Commission will serve as an advisory group to Governor Whitmer and MDHHS. The commission will work to protect the health and safety of Michigan residents by educating communities about the effectiveness of an approved COVID-19 vaccine to eradicate the spread of the coronavirus. To achieve this, the bi-partisan Commission will develop an outreach strategy to identify and work with communities around the state where there is hesitancy to get the vaccine.