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Communications - January 2021

The Communication Team is excited to relaunch CROWN, with a huge assist from Shelia McBride, who has led the effort to put together this edition! You will see we’ve added some new segments, now announcing MDCR birthdays and work anniversaries. We also want to recognize other significant milestones and events in your lives. If you have something you would like to share, send an email to Shelia at and JJ at In the next edition, we also plan to recognize the first Featured CROWN Team Member. We are in the process of establishing criteria for selecting individuals for that honor every month and will be announcing them soon.

In other highlights from Communications, Vicki is neck-deep in the 2020 annual report, and JJ is serving as our social media lead -- sourcing content, drafting posts and tweets, and helping to increase our visibility and engagement. If you don’t already follow MDCR on social, we encourage you to look us up and be part of the dialogue. MDCR manages two Facebook accounts, one for the Department and one for the Division on Deaf, DeafBlind and Hard of Hearing.  We also are active on Twitter @MiCivilRights. We hope to have a presence on Instagram soon, so watch this space for information on that and other new social platforms in the months ahead. Remember: we are always looking for tips on news to share, especially content featuring the MCRC, MDCR and our people. Send tips for possible social media posts to JJ at