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New on the Intranet - Director's Dialogue - January 2021

Now all members of the MDCR family will have a way to directly communicate with Director White and open up a dialogue with colleagues on topics of shared interest or concern.

With the help of Henry Gordon, we’ve built a portal on the MDCR intranet site called Director’s Dialogue. Through this portal, we can share a message with the Director and open up a discussion with other members of the team who want to weigh in. The tool is designed to allow anyone to read the messages we share.

Of course, you can always send a private message directly to Director White at Director White is committed to opening up channels of communication to allow him to hear directly from any member of the MDCR team.

(Housekeeping notes: Henry informed us that if you try to access Director's Dialogue and get a message that you don't have access, click the button on your screen to request access, which will send an email to Henry and Mark Bishop, one of whom will grant it. Henry also warned that the image of the Director may take some time to load the first time you access the portal.)

Dialogue with the Director