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Enforcement Division - January 2021

Congratulations to Tracey Barbee on her promotion to Intake Supervisor and Sonya Merriweather on her promotion to Civil Rights Manager in Grand Rapids. We are in the process of posting/filling current vacancies for Civil Rights Investigators, Civil Rights Claims Examiners (Intake), and Secretaries (Ad Support). Stay tuned for additional announcements via email and NEOGOV!

Customer service, including investigations, remains our priority. Our case types are EEOC, HUD, and MDCR-only. As of January 8, 2021, staff completed 147 EEOC cases, 76 HUD cases and 124 MDCR-only cases. Our FY 2021 EEOC recommended contract (October 1, 2020 – September 30, 2021) is for 668 cases; EEOC will notify of our approved contract upon finalization of their budget which usually occurs no later than April of each year. Our FY 2021 HUD measurement period (July 1, 2020 – June 30, 2021) does not specify a designated number of cases and we receive payment for all approved case completions.

The Housing and SEU Teams also conduct trainings respectively on Fair Housing Laws and General Civil Rights. For FY 2021 to date, the Housing Team completed two presentations with 97 participants and has committed to training 2,100 owners/landlords in the Kalamazoo area by June 30, 2021. The Housing Team will partner with the City of Kalamazoo and the Fair Housing Center of SW Michigan for all trainings as well as a joint presentation with the Fair Housing Center of West Michigan in February 2021 for the general community of Grand Rapids, and a presentation in March 2021 for Kalamazoo ALPACT. Our SEU has committed to two trainings for Kalamazoo ALPACT on January 14 and 28, and on February 11, 2021.