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Enforcement Division Update

By Lori Vinson, Director of Civil Rights Operations

It's been a very busy and exciting month for the Enforcement Division!  We welcomed 11 new colleagues to our MDCR Family: Civil Rights Claims Examiners Rachael Hegmon-Ballard and Lori James, and Civil Rights Investigators Rachel Gaylord, Kelly Lewis, Felicia Love, Nitiebra McIntyre, Gerrie Miller, Brandon Robinson, Kathy Smith, Michael Tschirley, and Quale Williams. They are heavily immersed in New Employee Training and it's been shared that they are doing great! 

New Employee Training is a huge undertaking and this month's Team recognition goes to the New Employee Training "Team":  Specialized Enforcement CRIs Christina Beltz, Amanda Bradley, Melissa Fields, David Jones, Kim Williams, and Tiara Yakini; Professional Standards Coordinator Kimberly Hall; Management consisting of Tracey Barbee, Keesha Garrett, Sonya Hakim, Demetrius Hunter, and Sonya Merriweather; Division Directors Patty Barrera and Renee Kenyon; and Legal consisting of Valerie Barkley, Alannah Buford-Kamerman, Tyra Khan, Mike Pelot, Rebecca Powell, and Marcelina Trevino. 

A special thank you to the following MDCR colleagues who also participated in new employee training by sharing information on their work/divisions:  Kelley Frake, Dan Levy, Anthony Lewis, David Stringer, Annie Urasky, and Kim Woolridge. Awesome job Team!

Individual recognition this month goes to CRI Christina Beltz who had four companion cases close in June with monetary settlements totaling approximately $130,000.  Claimants are Black and alleged they were discharged because of their race (Black); an additional basis of sex and age were included individually in two of the cases:  MDCR #497208 Kevin Mahone v G4S (race/$47,374.14); MDCR #497209 Aleema Attles v G4S  (race and sex/$2500); MDCR #497202 Dorian Hightower v G4S (race and age/$60,000); and MDCR #497406 Ricardo Patterson II v G4S (race/$20,000).  Awesome job Christina!