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Letter from the Director

March 2021

Greetings Team,

A little over two weeks ago, I shared with you the strategic plan that will guide our actions and our progress in the months ahead. The plan was built in part from my interactions with you and the survey where, with candor and honesty, you shared your thoughts on what we could do better.

I mentioned in our meeting that the plan was still in need of some final work. Also, I will be presenting the plan to the Commission this Friday at the Commission’s Informational Retreat. As promised, I will share the full version with all of you soon.

As you recall, the four pillars that provide the framework for the plan are:

  • Responding to the Employee Survey
  • Implementing a Data Driven Management Approach
  • Expanding MDCR Community Presence and Enhance Service Delivery
  • Initiating Organizational Restructuring

I am very excited about what lies ahead. We have an opportunity to fine tune how we serve the people of this state and make our practices and procedures more effective and more responsive to the day-to-day realities we face in this work. This new approach will also bring opportunities for advancement at MDCR – opportunities you may not have had in the past.

Not everyone will be happy with every change. Change of any kind can be unsettling. But I believe thoughtful, strategic change will help us focus on what is essential, have a positive impact on the communities we serve, and make our own work lives more productive and fulfilling. Thank you for your service and the work you do day in and day out.

Director White