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Housing Unit Holds Two Virtual Fair Housing Trainings

March 2021

MDCR staff from the Enforcement Division’s Housing Unit held two virtual fair housing trainings the week of February 15 in conjunction with local Fair Housing Centers.

Civil Rights Investigators Demetrius Hunter and Jonathan Wendland, along with the City of Kalamazoo and Sharlee Coffman Cook from the Fair Housing Center of Southwest Michigan, held a fair housing training for landlords, owners and community members in Kalamazoo on February 16.

“This event is a part of an endeavor to conduct fair housing training for 2,200 landlords/owners in the city of Kalamazoo that began in November 2020,” said Marlene Cain, Civil Rights Manager for the Enforcement Division’s Housing Unit. “The housing team will be conducting two fair housing trainings per month until July 2021.”

Civil Rights Investigators Kenya Cooper and LaShea Sharp, along with Liz Keegan and Brianna Miranda of the Fair Housing Center of West Michigan, held a training titled “Fair Housing Training for Rental Professionals” on February 18. The session was conducted as a part of a HUD grant to train community members, landlords, owners, property management companies, and those that provide housing opportunities in the state of Michigan.

Both trainings were well attended, with more than 40 participants at the first training and 75 participants in the second training.