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MDCR and Albion NAACP Host Virtual Community Forums to Discuss Racism On Albion College Campus

May 2021

In early April, racist graffiti was found inside a campus building at Albion College, prompting an outcry from students who said it wasn't the first incident of racism at the school. Students protested on campus and fervently pushed the administration and Albion Police to investigate.

Business and Community Affairs Director Anthony Lewis and the Community Engagement Division immediately partnered with the Albion NAACP to host a virtual community forum for students and professors on April 9th. The purpose of the forum was to allow students to express their feelings and discuss what they need from the school and community. Dr. Mathew B. Johnson, President of Albion College, also attended the forum.

"Dr. Johnson is fully immersed in solving this issue and understands equity and social justice issues extremely well," said Anthony. "He will be a reliable partner in changing the environment at Albion College for the better."

Community members were also given an opportunity during the forum to ask how they can help and support the students. After the meeting, Anthony shared feedback from forum participants with leaders of the Albion NAACP and the college. A virtual, 30-day follow-up forum took place on Monday, May 3 at 6:30 pm with MDCR and the Albion NAACP. Dr. Johnson will be in attendance and plans to share what Albion College has done so far to address racist incidents, as well as next steps to address and prevent racism on campus in the future.

(Photo Credit: Peach Norman Owen, Albion Pleiad)