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Enforcement Division

May 2021

The Enforcement Division continues to focus on providing excellent customer service and conducting thorough evaluation and investigation of allegations of unlawful discrimination. For FY 21 to date (October 1, 2020 - April 28, 2021) Intake Civil Rights Claims Examiners and CRIs who conduct intake processed 2,863 complaint issue cases of which 1,757 were closed with SOCs, 440 are pending in evaluation or initiation, and 666 were moved to investigation (260 EEOC, 364 MDCR-only, and 42 HUD). Our current formal complaint inventory is 2,489 open investigations. Case completions for FY 21 (October 1-September 30) by staff as of April 28 are 329 EEOC cases and 272 MDCR-only cases; our HUD FY 21 contract measurement period (July 1-June 30) case completions by staff to date are 175 HUD cases. Our work is a collective team effort, and each Enforcement colleague has a vital role in providing customer service and processing work.

Individual recognition this month goes to CRIs Erika Clark and Amanda Bradley, submitted respectively by CRM Keesha Garrett and Acting CRM Tiara Yakini. Erika did an amazing job with facilitating her first fact finding resolution conference via Zoom on April 13, 2021, which was resolved with a monetary settlement. Amanda had two interesting settlements in April: 

Discharge based on perceived disability (Covid-19)

Claimant was in a supervisory role and was discharged while out due to Covid-19. When completing an exit interview with Claimant and his attorney, they presented new information that required additional investigation and evidence from Respondent. Claimant also provided a proposed resolution and settlement discussions began. Amanda assisted in negotiations between Claimant's attorney and Respondent's attorney from February to April to reach agreement between the parties. Negotiations ended in a third party agreement giving Claimant $20,000 and a neutral reference.

             Discharge based on sex

Respondent's attorney informed Amanda that the business had closed down in November 2020 and would be unable to complete settlement negotiations or answer the Request For Information. Through investigation it was found the company was sold and a purchase agreement was obtained. It was confirmed that the new owners did not assume liability; however, it was also found that the agreement stated there were no pending investigations. With this information Amanda was able to obtain a settlement of $5,000 for Claimant, even though Respondent had closed.

Awesome job Erika and Amanda!

Team recognition this month goes to our Records Center Team who works diligently to provide excellent service to colleagues (internal customers) including the managing of closed case files, requests for EEOC numbers, audit requests, purging of files, and CRIS entries of EEOC initiated complaints. From October 1, 2021, through April 28, 2021, Records Center staff processed approximately 600 EEOC charge receipts (EEOC initiated complaints that are investigated by EEOC but dually filed with MDCR), 58 audit requests, and hundreds of requests for EEOC numbers. Thank you Cynthia, Rochelle, Trasonya, and Danita for all that you do! 

For the month of April, we conducted the following trainings:

April 15th - Demetrius Hunter and Jonathan Wendland presented with the city of Kalamazoo and the Fair Housing Center of Southwest Michigan (FHCSWM) to conduct training for landlords and owners. On this same date, LaShea Sharp presented for the Flint Area Community Housing Resource Board for Fair Housing Month.

April 21st -  Rene Hoffmann and Jarrett Smith presented with the city of Kalamazoo and the FHCSWM to conduct training for landlords and owners.

April 22nd - The Housing Team assisted the Fair Housing Center of West Michigan (FHCWM) in their annual conference and Housing Unit Investigator Rene Hoffmann took part in presenting. In addition, select housing unit staff members will be trained in using an application called REMO to assist in moving online participants to break out sessions.  

Last but not least, in light of COVID-19, we are excited to announce virtual intake effective Monday, May 3, 2021. Hours of operation will be Mondays from 8:00 a.m - 12:00 p.m. and Wednesdays from 1:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m., and the Zoom meeting link is posted on the website under the "File A Complaint" tab.