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Executive Office - Mary Engelman, Deputy Director

May 2021

MDCR is in the process of creating a Diagonal Slice Team to address MDCR's telework plan. As the Office of State Employer (OSE) has extended state employees' telework to July 12th , MDCR will be preparing for when we are permitted to return to the office. What will this look like? Will there be a hybrid of going into the office and working out of the home? Should we continue as we are? What policies do we need to create ensuring safety for all employees? These are the types of issues this Diagonal Slice Team will be tackling and we will be starting a series of meetings this month.

In an effort to be inclusive, ensure your concerns are addressed, and your input is a part of the Department plan, we have reached out to your leaders to secure the following volunteers as representatives and contributors to MDCR's "Return to Office" plan:

Enforcement Division (one person from the following):

Lansing, Grand Rapids, Record Center, Intake, Investigative Unit, and Ad Support

One person from the following:

Community Engagement, DODDBHH, ADA, Law and Policy, and Managed Services

If you are not one of the volunteers, we still encourage you to participate in a few MDCR sessions where we will take feedback from you. Please note that the plan will be presented to the Director and Leadership by the end of June so that we can submit a final plan to OSE for implementation.