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Remembering Andre Leon Talley

January 20, 2022

“Not heterosexual” but not liking the label “gay,” André Leon Talley identified himself as “fluid in my sexuality” and having had “very gay experiences.” If his identity was somewhat nebulous, crystal clear is that Mr. Talley was an outspoken fashion icon who at six foot 6 inches tall could not be missed on the red carpet or overlooked wherever he might appear, often dressed in flowing capes and other regalia befitting the Vogue creative director he once had been. Though not a traditional LGBTQ advocate or political activist, Mr. Talley’s high-profile presence during 25 years at Vogue, many years as a fashion journalist and contributor to numerous periodicals, and an author in his own right raised visibility for LGBTQ+ people around the world and for decades helped move the bar toward inclusion.

Gone too soon at 73, rest in fashionable peace, Mr. Talley!