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Team MDCR in Focus: Demetrius Hunter

Team MDCR in Focus: Demetrius Hunter

by Madalyn Mosallam, Communications Intern

Demetrius Hunter has always been invested in civil rights; he always felt as if it was important. He is a Marine Corps veteran and after he left the military his plan was to go to college and become a broadcast journalist. He felt as if that was one of the best ways to speak up about civil rights and to get the word out about race and injustice. The field of social work was brought to his attention and he began to explore that career path. He soon realized that the world of social work is much bigger than he assumed, learning that social workers were also advocates and frequently dealt with political and societal issues. This led him down the social work path instead of broadcast journalism, allowing him to do the work rather than just talk about it.

Demetrius earned his degree in social work from the University of Michigan Flint, and then started a job in child welfare.

Demetrius declared, "This was probably one of the hardest jobs I've ever done," describing his work in child protective services responding to many diverse types of calls, some unimaginably difficult. "I tried to help families as best as I could; I always felt that if you could help a family that's better than taking a kid." He explained that taking a child changes the life of a family and the life of a child. He wanted to fix the issues within the home before removing a child from their home. He worked in child welfare for several years; he then applied for the position of civil rights investigator in 2014.

Demetrius has been a civil rights manager for the last year. He helps his team with their investigations and makes sure they have the tools they need and understand the pathways to achieving success in completing their investigations. He reviews their reports, documents and letters and gives guidance on areas that warrant further investigation. As a manager, he feels as if he is always a part of the case, giving suggestions or things to look for, allowing him to assist from the outside.

Marlene Cain, Director of Civil Rights Operations, speaks highly of Demetrius and his work with the MDCR. "He has everything you need to be a successful leader; he has great communication skills; he listens to his staff…." Her first opportunity to meet with Demetrius was when he worked as a housing investigator. When she first met him, she said she was amazed by him. "He's a great investigator - he's caring and diligent about doing his work in a timely way."

Demetrius is truly idolized by colleagues. His respect and friendliness radiates and plays a significant role in his leadership. He was built to be a leader and works hard at his job to make sure everything gets done while making sure his team is happy and content with their work.