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Funding and Resources

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This committee is charged with identifying and applying for potential grants and other forms of funding.

2022 Committee Reports

In an attempt to identify methods for providing funding for anti-human trafficking efforts the committee undertook a survey of other states to examine their approaches to funding anti-human trafficking efforts. The survey revealed that most states allocate funding for such efforts.

In 2021 the committee launched a series of funding workshops to equip potential grantees with tools, resources, and information to successfully apply for, receive, and administer grant funding. Offered remotely initially, the workshops were recorded and posted on the website as a continuing resource. The workshops remain available on the Commission’s webpage free of charge. Since posting in 2021, the workshops have been viewed over 1000 times, including views from 5 nations and 14 other states. In 2022 alone, 130 visitors enrolled in at least one of the sessions.

Building on the workshop series, this year the committee began developing a funding request template for posting on the website. The goal of this resource is to provide a guideline for those seeking funding for anti-human trafficking efforts.

The committee also continues work on posting grant funding resources on the website. The work continues to weigh whether to alert stakeholders to specific grant announcements or whether to provide a static list of well-known sources for funding for anti-trafficking efforts.

The committee looks forward to continuing to support those pursuing funding for anti-human trafficking efforts by focusing next on developing published resources to aid in grant applications including a fact sheet providing information about human trafficking in Michigan. The committee is looking forward to working with the Data and Research committee to utilize the standardized data collected from their ongoing data project.

The committee remains committed to identifying and securing dedicated, even institutional, sources for funding the Commission’s work as well as other anti-trafficking efforts.